Meet the Doc!

Dr. Rob A. Rubino D.C.

Dr. Rob is a passionate, whole-hearted, and enthusiastic, second-generation chiropractor who brings his positive energy into everything he does, especially his office. He graduated Cum Laude from Central Connecticut State University with his Bachelors in Science as well as Cum Laude from Life University with his Doctorate in Chiropractic. He prides himself on his relationships and enjoys hiking, racing triathlons,and spending time with his family and his wife Mallory. He specializes in the upper cervical spine and “brainstem compression”. He has a passion for helping entire families, especially children and infants, express life to their fullest potential. Dr. Rob is certified in the Webster Technique, which is a specific chiropractic sacral analysis and diversified adjustment done to pregnant women to help promote a more comfortable, safer, and easier birth. Dr. Rob recognizes the fact that when there is pressure on the nervous system, a person will function and heal at less than 100%. Dr. Rob is a member of the community who is on a mission to make our town the best place to raise a family in Connecticut.



Our Staff!

Office Manager


Staff Member
Mallory is Dr. Rob's wife and the office manager at Rubino Family Chiropractic. Mallory received her first chiropractic adjustment at 18 years old and has been committed to life long chiropractic care ever since. Through consistent upper cervical chiropractic, Mallory has seen her own chiropractic miracles; such as drastic improvements of her kidney function, headaches, sleep improvement, decreased stress, and better sense of balance and equilibrium. Mallory has an appreciation for the body's innate ability to heal itself. She is also an Orange, CT native who loves spreading the positive effects of chiropractic care.
Public Relations Specialist


Caley is Dr. Rob and his wife Mallory's 5 year old
Labrador Retriever that loves chiropractic! Caley has
been adjusted since she was 4 months old and gets
checked weekly! You can occasionally find her in the
office napping behind the front desk!